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Delivering a robust community portal for the U.S. trucking industry based on an engaging, multichannel strategy

The situation

Burns Marketing worked with Freightliner Trucks and ATBS – a company offering solutions for small business owners and independent contractors – to develop a robust, Kentico EMS-based community portal that delivers business-focused content to owner-operators in the U.S. trucking industry.

What we did

  • Developed a complete end-to-end community strategy based on audience insight gained through surveys
  • Delivered a highly engaging mobile-optimized and traditional website
  • Provided a range of engagement tools (e.g., personal accounts, forums, blogs, member deals, newsletter subscriptions, and polls) for members
  • Offered members integrated SMS sign-up
  • Enabled Freightliner and ATBS to connect with their target audience in a meaningful way across multiple platforms

What we achieved

  • Received immediate recognition in the trucking industry
  • Saw large numbers of owner-operators joining and engaging online, pulling in more than 6,000 new members
  • Matched previous membership levels within a week and reached the six-month goal in four weeks and the 24-month membership goal in eight months

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Awards and recognition

  • 2012 Site of the Year winner for best Kentico EMS implementation. Read the Kentico case study.
  • Featured in two national industry publications: the American Marketing Association Marketing News and CITEworld magazine

Project solution software used

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