Telling a compelling story to grow the ESA community

Creating a new website to attract new members and increase visibility into the organization and its mission

The situation

ESA, an international nonprofit leadership organization, wanted to connect with younger, more web-savvy adults, and use its website as a cost-effective vehicle to promote the organization’s mission and grow membership. 

What we did

  • Unified multiple websites into one that featured a simplified message to all audiences.
  • Built greater participation and collaboration in an online community.
  • Used videos with high-impact imagery to showcase ESA’s benefits, social outreach, and members.
  • Integrated user groups, web forums, event and news listings, and document sharing.
  • Developed social media elements.
  • Structured the site to support ongoing campaigns.
  • Synchronized a third-party membership application and outside payment gateway to allow members to manage their accounts online. 

What we achieved

  • Attracted more than 25,000 new collegiate leads to the ESA Foundation.
  • Increased page visits by 232%.
  • Decreased the bounce rate by 27%.
  • Boosted page views by 425%.
  • Provided valuable and compelling content, which increased the average time spent on the site from three minutes to nearly four-and-a-half. 

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