Engaging potential customers and giving HP an industry edge

Showcased sales solutions and industry knowledge in an interactive e-zine

The situation

HP needed to increase visibility of its Enterprise Services in key industries to promote the company’s leadership and generate greater awareness for its offerings. The e-zine format provided a unique and engaging way to support the sales team and promote HP’s industry presence.

What we did

  • Interactive development
  • Interviewed subject matter experts to develop compelling thought-leadership articles
  • Designed infographics to tell the story visually
  • Created an eye-catching layout incorporating engaging photography and informative videos
  • Digitally published the e-zine to allow full-screen viewing on desktops and mobile devices

What we achieved

  • In the six months following their initial launch, e-zines have been viewed nearly 10,000 times.
  • The e-zines have prompted viewers to download additional information and collateral, as well
    as view videos.
  • The sales team relies on the e-zines as a valuable tool that solidifies HP’s strong leadership
    position in various industries.
  • E-zines have been translated into Japanese and Chinese to support global field sales.

“I can’t say enough about the positive reaction in the field, in fact, we continue to use the e-zine in most of our transportation engagements; We have used it with major airline clients like United, Continental, and Emirates, as well as TravelSky in China. Using the e-zine has helped solidify our position in the industry with every sales opportunity.”

- Vice President of Travel & Transportation, HP Enterprise Services

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