SEO Tips For All of Us: Matt Lacuesta at Digital Summit 2016

For those of you who missed Matt Lacuesta’s talk on SEO during Denver Digital Summit 2016 – a three-day meeting of some of the best marketing minds in the country – you can check out his presentation deck and review the key ideas for yourself. For free, right now.
  • What will you learn? Some people still don’t buy the business value of SEO – so you need to demonstrate it and create company partnerships.
  • You should really leverage your content/PR teams – they’re the original link builders and are already doing a lot of work for you.
  • The vast majority of sales come from organic search. SEO is no longer a fringe activity. Stop treating it like it is.

"I created this presentation for folks who work with aspects of marketing beyond just SEO," Matt says. "I want to help them learn how the work that they do can directly or indirectly impact how their sites appear in organic search."
So here you go. Check out Matt’s (free) presentation and give yourself your own SEO checkup.