That Time We Stormed Facebook Live

Written by

Erik Schmidt

Two enormous plants. A moose head. A fireplace. A bottle of gin.

What could go wrong?

We took to Facebook Live last week in a new series called "Between Two Burns" to introduce Pablo Alejo, our creative technology director. We chit-chatted about the following:

  • Why B2B marketers should stop acting so stuffy and create wonderful things

  • Why a creative technology director is more about the creative than the technology

  • How to market a new luxury car that hasn’t actually been built yet

  • Where the hell is the stats boy?

  • The Dr. Seuss quote that every marketer should have on their wall

Watch the video:


During the broadcast, Pablo referenced several important marketing resources.

  • 24 Ways, an “advent calendar for web geeks.” Throughout December they publish outstanding web design and dev articles. Get on it! It’s already the 12th!

  • Paul Boag’s stupendous UX blog and podcast, which you’ll find at Boagworld.

Speaking of important resources, check out our free eBook, “Make your B2B website suck less” and you could win a fabulous REI pack (as seen in the video), which we’ve filled with our marketing survival kit. 

One of our live question-askers, Kevin Flowers of District 5 Media, won such a pack by participating. Thanks, Kevin! Use it only for the forces of good, please.

You can watch the recording on our Facebook page. Please do.

Download our eBook already.

Next time we’re thinking a little Drunk History. Stand by.