B2B Website Hacks (3 of 5): Give Your UX a Dose of Science

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Erik Schmidt

Make your B2B website suck less

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In this blog series, we’ll walk you through five opportunities to make your B2B website stand out – in a good way. Check back each week for the latest post.

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Opportunity 3: Give your UX a dose of science

Feature-cramming isn't a good way to keep web users. Creating a clean, simple site is.

As the web has progressed through several generations, people have tried all sorts of ways to keep browsers engaged.

  • The shiny-object approach: Cram as many whiz-bang features in there as possible!
  • The something-for-everyone approach: If I include as much content as possible, for as many people as possible, someone will love me – right?
  • The bare-bones approach: My website should do one thing. Only.

Of course, none of those is a complete solution. Today, now that almost all of your users are web-native or at least web-savvy, it takes more nuance. It takes simplicy, but also completeness. Intuitiveness, but also creativity.

Turns out, to get the most of your B2B website, you need to think like a behavioral scientist. We'll show you how.

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