Some Content About Our Content Content

Burns has embarked on a content campaign – a look at all its forms, functions, and foibles.

Here’s how we’re structuring it.

1. Anchored in our core capabilities

Any campaign is more meaningful if it feels authentic to your company – something you live and breathe for. Content is one of the four most important pillars of what we do, so we thought it fit the bill.

Goal: Produce a campaign that is great because it’s authentic. Because it’s you.


2. Building in momentum

We started with a small-but-mighty eBook called “The era of excellent content.” This is no wandering meditation: It’s a distilled lesson in how to use our most common media more effectively.

Goal: Give people with short attention spans something to hold onto.

And now, we’re designing the culminating piece: A more expansive, more theoretical look at what content actually means and how to use it better.

Goal: Take your audience bigger and deeper.


3. Complete with tasty payoffs

Often our internal campaigns are structured around one deliverable. But this one is a little different. We led with a small eBook – call it the Cliff's Notes version – and now we're widening it into a fuller, more meditative piece. In other words, you get both the focused pragmatics and the broader philosophy.

Goal: Make the journey varied and worthwhile


4. Plugged shamelessly 

Unless you’re Nike, nobody’s checking your marketing output every day. Sorry. You can’t be ashamed to plug your own content. People are dense, and reminders are good.

Read our eBook!

Goal: Be seen.


Watch this space for the continuation of our content content – a large, luxurious eBook that asks, essentially, “What the hell is content?”

Our answer might surprise you.