Digital Summit Denver: Day One Download

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This week, the Burns Marketing team attended Digital Summit Denver to learn more about new and exciting ways to engage and inspire customers in the digital world. We’re excited to share our many chunks of #DSD15 goodness with you.
Here are some of our session takeaways:
A Culture of Content
Rebecca Lieb, @lieblink
VP, Content Marketing, Teradata Applications
  • Develop voices that haven’t been heard. Give creators the freedom to flex their creative muscles, but allow them to fail. 
Content in Context: What You Can Learn from Native Ads That Worked 
Melanie Deziel, @mdeziel
Creative Strategist, Time Inc.    
  • For brand content to add value to a side experience, it needs to be relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy. Know your people, find your place, and dress the part.
Advanced Search and SEO Strategies
Michael King, @ipullrank
Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant, iPullRank
  • Keywords are now just a vehicle by which people search to fulfill a need. 
Mastering Content Marketing with LinkedIn 
Rob Humphrey, @therobhumphrey
 Account Executive, LinkedIn      
  • The mantra for modern marketers: ABC. Always be creating. Be different. And take intelligent risks.
Digital Storytelling That Sells
Daphne Fink Taber, @DaphneFT
President, gyro
  • You are not the hero in your story; your customer is. And sometimes your influencer is as important – if not more important – than your "hero.”
First Rule of Marketing Analytics: Forget the Customer 
Matt Hertig, @matthertig
Co-Founder, Alight Analytics
  • As marketers, we must change our approach to analytics. The result of this historical approach leaves marketers 100% of their marketing channel investment decision with 1% of the information. 
Optimize Your Digital Campaigns by Integrating the Customer Journey
Rob Bean, @newmediainfo
Vice President Marketing Strategy, Burns Marketing
  • Stop trying to change customer behavior and start using journey mapping to improve the experience.
Welcome to the Inbound Revolution
Dan Tyre, @dantyre
Executive, HubSpot
  • Personalization and customization is the next level in the inbound revolution. What makes inbound effective: If you give people relevant offers, information, and education, they will feel compelled to come back to you.
Content Marketing Strategies & Implementation
Arnie Kuenn, @arniek
CEO, Vertical Measures
  • Not all content needs to be a grand slam. You don’t have to always swing for the fences. Simply answer the question: When prospects visit your website, do you help solve their problems better than anyone else in the world?
  • One of the biggest mistakes in content marketing is spending too much time creating an in-depth strategy. For the average business or brand, it’s not necessary. Building a foundation for strategy and supporting checklists are the most important things. 
  • Make a mind-shift change when creating your content strategy. Think like a publisher. If you have a website, you’re publishing.