The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation is one of the most powerful, yet ignored, aspects of successfully empowering and motivating people – and who doesn’t love to be empowered? By focusing on strength-based leadership and emphasizing attention on what is working (instead of problems and weaknesses), teams and people thrive and grow. We often barrel through our lives with blinders on, never slowing down to notice what others do for us, nor do we get appreciation for what we do for others.

Think about it: When was the last time someone told you they appreciated you or vice versa?  Burns Marketing’s Senior Vice President Laurie Steele recently shared a story with our agency about how she was told not once, not twice – but three times in one day – how she was appreciated and how much it positively impacted her day (so much so she shared with our whole team). As a team, we want to begin using this more and more in our everyday life with each other, client partners, and anyone who impacts our lives. We’ve become so quick to think of criticisms, negatives, and what’s wrong instead of highlighting what’s going right.

It’s the little things in life that can make all the difference. So, we challenge you to slow down, appreciate the people who come into your life, and always stay thankful.