B2B Website Hacks (2 of 5): Stop Offering So Damn Much Content

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Erik Schmidt

Make your B2B website suck less

Post 2 of 5

In this blog series, we’ll walk you through five opportunities to make your B2B website stand out—in a good way. Check back each week for the latest post.

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Opportunity 2: Stop offering so damn much content

The days of "more is better" are gone. Here's what you really need to be doing with your content.

In web design, there’s a practice that says you should make your site as accessible as possible to the most people. Cast a wide net. Make everyone happy.

But that doesn’t necessarily count for content.

Your content should be laser-focused on your core audience's core problems and desires - not every conceivable need they might have. You don’t want to talk to everyone – if you do, you’ll end up providing half-assed service to a lot of people, rather than great service to a few.

  • Your audience is seeking meaningful connectivity – that means problem-solving that's specific to them.
  • Shoveling lots of content onto the internet each week no longer pleases the search engines.

So choose great content for a few of your potential audience members – and make them love you. That’s the path to conversion.

What does Burns believe about content?

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