B2B Website Hacks (1 of 5): Start With Problems and Desires

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Erik Schmidt

Make your B2B website suck less

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In this blog series, we’ll walk you through five opportunities to make your B2B website stand out—in a good way. Check back each week for the latest post.

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Opportunity 1: Start with problems and desires

So: Why does your audience give a damn?
  1. You’re solving a problem for them.
  2. You’re making them feel good in the process.

When it comes to websites, too many of us are stuck in our own echo chamber: We build our sites according to what our C-suite thinks is snazzy, or what we personally would like to see as users. But your boss is not your audience. Neither are you. Your real audience needs a different kind of care, and that requires you to understand them.

There are tangible ways to get there.

What does Burns believe about websites?

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