Adding a spark to marketing




Self-promotion campaign


Status quo marketing doesn’t work. Technology companies need to try new things. Avoid bandwagons. And light a fire in their customers. Our agency is here to help them create that spark. 

Using a list of hand-selected companies (none of which knew about our agency), we developed a campaign that was designed to get our target audience to strike up a conversation with our team. We started with a direct mail piece that couldn’t be ignored. Then followed up with series of emails and one more mailing. Each touch point guided recipients to visit a campaign landing page where they could access resources to help them survive all their marketing challenges.


Igniting interest 

When it comes to creativity, the best ideas start a with a little friction. And this campaign was no different. We sent our list a flint in a custom-made box to encourage them to strike up a conversation with our team.


A conversation fire-starter

From the list of nearly 300 companies, we saw a 15-percent response rate. From the initial requests for the marketing survival kits, we scheduled meetings 37-percent of respondents. And we’ve already had a few decide our agency is the right match for them.


  • BMA Gold Key Awards, Strategy, 2017 (Gold)

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