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Citrix is on the leading edge of data and app mobilization and security – a good place to be with the increasing reliance on mobile devices across all sectors. Unlike some technology companies, Citrix puts a human face to their products. They don’t just solve technical problems – they strive to inspire.


Storytelling in technology

Through a variety of design and copy projects – white papers, infographics, and a host of other collateral, all unified under Citrix’s brand guidelines – we tell the story of how technology affects lives. Consider the education vertical: It’s not enough to just enable data mobility, Citrix says; the company wants people to know that they are empowering students with mobile learning tools.



Breadth and depth

As a Citrix preferred vendor, we work across a number of their verticals, interacting with many of their products and speaking to several distinct audiences. Citrix counts on us because we understand their offerings, make the complex seem simple and relatable, and are able to show the human side of technology.

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