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Lifesize provides a versatile business meeting experience that erases virtual walls to make a multidevice video conference call happen with ease. The cloud-based video conferencing solution allows participants to “have a seat at the meeting from wherever they are.” With clientele ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, Lifesize needed an accessible and personable brand image.


Spreading meeting love

Meetings tend to be long, inconvenient, and if there’s not coffee, often tiring. We spun that idea to indicate that with Lifesize technology, you can actually “love your meetings.” By embracing phrases such as “Always great to see you” and “Meet brilliantly,” we associated business meetings with positivity and connection. We then redesigned logos and icons and created a welcoming tradeshow booth that promoted an air of approachability and the friendly personality of the Lifesize brand.

lifesize-rebrand-booth-visid-img1-(1).jpg lifesize-rebrand-stationary-img2-(1).pnglifesize-rebrand-logogreen-img3-(1).png lifesize-rebrand-papers-img4-(1).pnglifesize-rebrand-logophoto-img5-(1).jpg



Lifesize debuted the booth at an industry-wide tradeshow and headlined more than 20 sales presentations to over 400 highly captivated leads. Comments included:
  • “We’ve gotten a lot of press pick-up, more than we’ve had for any of the other products.” – Lifesize Vice President of Worldwide Marketing
  • “Lifesize’s booth was, in a word, ‘gorgeous!’ Not only was it right in the middle of the tradeshow floor, the branding and logo really popped. We received so many compliments on the ‘new LIfesize,’ and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.” – Lifesize Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • “The creative was superb and Burns was excellent to work with. We work with a lot of our clients’ agencies, and I can tell you that the creative that they developed was second to none. With that kind of teamwork, it’s no wonder everything came together so well!” – Andrew Changelian, Sparks, trade show booth manufacturer 

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