Love your meetings




Love your meetings campaign


If video conferencing were as easy and lifelike as meeting in person, you’d probably really enjoy – maybe even love – your meetings. That’s what Lifesize Cloud does for its customers, and what they wanted the sales team at CDW, a technology products reseller, to understand. 

We developed an interactive campaign around Lifesize’s Love Your Meetings message to woo resellers into attending a Lifesize Cloud demo. Branded love notes, truffles, flowers, and teddy bears were hand-delivered, causing a stir in the office. The notes, which doubled as invitations to a special event the next day, created a sense of fun and intrigue as they alluded to a mystery guest and surprise incentive. 

Take a seat from anywhere – even the clouds

The event itself featured a demo of Lifesize Cloud led by a mystery guest, the late and beloved Chicago Cubs announcer, Harry Caray. In quintessential conference connectedness, attendees (armed with their own set of Harry’s signature glasses) took selfies with the announcer as if he were in the meeting. 

Shh. The results speak for themselves. 

  • 1,200 impressions generated a 20 percent return. 
  • CDW reps downloaded more than 240 trial subscriptions. 
  • Lifesize had its best sales quarter at CDW in years. 

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