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Pieces Technologies


South by Southwest


Pieces Iris is a cloud-based tool that connects social service organizations with hospitals to address the social and economic determinants of health. Pieces Technologies wanted the world to know that this tool leads to better healthcare outcomes – and they used the renowned South by Southwest (SXSW) conference as their podium. 

Giving SXSW a heart

Because Pieces Iris connects social service organizations to healthcare, it involves many local nonprofits. So instead of spending money on booth schwag (which can be overwhelming at conferences like this anyway), we allocated the $5.11 Pieces Tech would have spent on each giveaway to donations that visitors could make to worthy groups. Booth visitors were drawn in by the promise of doing some good – all they had to do was donate their $5.11 token to one of five causes.




The campaign got noticed 

Pieces Tech accomplished their goal of increasing awareness and generating leads. Not only did they secure hot leads, but they also captured the attention of regional and national news outlets. Plus, by including five of their current nonprofit clients in the campaign, they generated goodwill and furthered their message of collaboration and stronger communities.

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