Western States Bank


Western States Bank


Merger announcement and rebrand


Western States Bank faced a unique brand challenge: maintaining continuity and recognition through a merger of three separate regional banks. The banks’ audiences – largely small-business customers – appreciate stability and continued personalized relationships, so the brand redesign needed to be both fresh and familiar.

Launch and re-entry

For the merger announcement – a delicate situation given the audiences’ aversion to the notion of being “taken over” – we developed a strategy and all the corresponding materials to help inform and comfort those involved. Then we jumped into a full brand reset, which included a contemporary logo and approachable colors, to unite the three banks under one visual identity. Additionally, we created messaging that provided a versatile, sophisticated foundation from which they could grow as one unified bank.

wsb-visid-img3.pngwsb-print-img4.pngBetter together

The launch and brand rollout have been exceptionally well received, and fears of customer attrition have been put to rest. The “Better together” theme evolved from the initial merger announcement into a cornerstone of the brand – explaining to customers, employees, partners, and communities that Western States Bank is here to help everyone prosper, together. 

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